About Azafaros

Azafaros is supported by a syndicate of leading Dutch and Swiss investors including Forbion, BioGeneration Ventures, BioMedPartners and Schroder Adveq.

Azafaros was founded in 2018 by BioGeneration Ventures and Olivier Morand with the support of experienced industry professionals and scientists aspiring to address rare genetic metabolic disorders through a pipeline of oral small molecules with disease-modifying capability.
Based on discoveries from Leiden University and Amsterdam University Medical Center, Azafaros’ initial objective with AZ-3102 is to develop a potential disease-modifying therapy for GM1 and GM2 gangliosidoses, two rare life-threatening neurogenetic lysosomal storage disorders affecting infants, adolescents, and adults, for which there is only palliative care.

Our clinical candidate AZ-3102 is an orally available azasugar designed to treat the central nervous system and to interfere with the metabolism of glycosphingolipids affecting key disease pathways through a unique dual mode of action.

Leveraging the know-how of its team and partners in orphan drug development, the company has advanced its lead program to clinical stage while further expanding its product pipeline into other rare metabolic diseases through its drug discovery efforts.